As your Counsellor I can help you to manage your Anxiety.

Do you often feel…

Afraid as though something awful might happen?

Worried about doing things, even ‘little things’?

Unable to stop or control worrying?

Nervous, anxious or on edge?

That you worry too much about different things?

As though other people are annoyed with you?

So restless that it’s hard to sit still?

Easily annoyed or irritable?

As though life is ‘on pause’, or that you’re always ‘holding your breath’?

That it is difficult for you to relax?

Do you often experience...

An increased heart rate

Sweaty palms


Belly butterflies

Racing thoughts

Muscle tension

Jelly legs... for seemingly small reasons?

If your answer is yes to some or all of the above questions, I am here for you.

A certain amount of anxiety is healthy and useful, but too much of it can negatively affect our…



Social lives


... it can affect anything and everything.

So, how can I help?

I can offer…

A dedicated space for you to explore your anxiety without judgement.

Insight into your unique experience of anxiety.

An assessment tool which will enable us to monitor your anxiety levels over time.

Weekly sessions where you will feel heard and understood.

Techniques that you can do to reduce the physical sensations associated with anxiety.

Tools, resources and knowledge that you can use to manage your anxiety, day to day.

There is also the opportunity for...

Meditation and Breathing, tailored to suit your individual needs.

The use of various craft materials and objects as an alternative way of exploring your anxiety.

Outdoor Counselling , if you are someone who prefers to be ‘on the move’ when you talk.

Remote sessions, if you would prefer to have your therapy from the comfort of your own home.

But please bear in mind... the last four things listed are only ever options, so please don't be put off by them!

If you would like to manage your anxiety with my support, Contact Me